About Me

Me in Oxford, 2013 I’m Ozzie Gooen. I am currently working on web development at 80,000 Hours. You can contact me at ozzie.gooen@80000hours.org.

Work & College

I’ve included much of my previous work information on my LinkedIn Account. I’m not a big fan of LinkedIn but realize that it’s generally a good place for these things.


According to a IPIP-NEO report, a version of the “Big 5” that I took in October 2013, my results are as follows.

  • Extroversion: 61/100
  • Agreeableness: 68/100
  • Conscientiousness: 56/100
  • Neuroticism: 45/100
  • Openness: 82/100

My results in further detail and my takes on it have been written up here.