Better Copy for $5 With Sentiment Analysis

From Mechanical Turk: >  ”Whether you want to track sentiment of tweets for a new product release or monitor sentiment of posts in a customers forum, Mechanical Turk makes it easy to assess sentiment quickly so you can make informed decisions.”

Sentiment Analysis on Mechanical Turk

Sentiment Analysis on Mechanical Turk

The interface is relatively simple.  You pick  an item (a slogan, for example), a question (“rate how much you like this slogan”), and then upload a .csv file with a list of all the possible slogans you want to test out.  You can choose anywhere between 10-20 ratings for each, which we’ve found to give a pretty consistant response. We tried out this technique with several slogan ideas we were considering.  But before I show you the response, try guessing the order that people preferred the following list: - “Eyes Save Lives” - “Charity Done Right” - “Donate Without Paying” - “We Give You Superpowers” - “Help Things You Care About” - “Join the Mission, Save the World”

Our first test included 15 titles, each which had 10 votes.  At $0.02 per vote, that’s $3.00 (plus a bit extra for using Turk), which is ridiculously cheap for market research. When all the votes come in, you can see an analysis that looks like this: