Can Anyone Predict the Long-term Future of the Internet? Part 1

For most of my life I wanted to be a hardware engineer (at first inventor) because that’s where I thought the future would be.  My basic theory was that all the great historic inventors worked with hardware, so that would be where the future was going as well.  I went so far as to spend 4 years getting an incredibly painful engineering degree to make this happen.

Halfway through that degree I took a trip to Singapore for study abroad, and there I realized I was probably making a wrong decision.  I continued to rationalize it for the next two years to stay motivated, but I realize now I probably would have been better off studying computer science.

In Singapore I took long walks every night and thought about science and futurism (rather than doing homework, which you weren’t required to turn in).  During this time I was working on Holono; not because I wanted to work on software, but because I really wanted to see it get made.  The incredibly safe atmosphere made it convenient to walk around at night time, which is my best time for coming up with ideas.  I’d spend 2-4 hours a night thinking, and partially because of Holono, paying a lot of attention to the internet.

Here I came up with with a lot of my own ideas for what the internet could do.  I’ll announce them later on, but it amazed me what I came up with.