The Lean Blog Post

It pains me to no avail that people consider blog posts as unique snapshots of time rather than pure information, similar to a personal wiki.  By this I mean that it is quite rare for bloggers to continually change their posts in significant ways long after publication.  Perhaps posts could have version numbers and history similar to wikipedia.  Rather than being time stamped, they would be somewhat timeless. Here’s one version of how I imagine that iteration should work on a blog.

The Lean Blog Post method. I used cacoo to make this, sorry it's cut off. If anyone requests I'll make a nicer version :)

It’s really difficult to figure out what people will like in advance.  But it seems like viral hits happen really quickly, so few people expect to be able to change content mid-storm.  Thus they sometimes try to future-proof everything by making it better such that if/when it becomes viral, it will be ready and optimized for it.

But this means they write much less! This is one model that would be cool in the theory of long-term traffic, but definitely is not optimized for “viral storms”.  It’s a pity.