San Francisco Party Ideas

Because most Silicon Valley parties are stale and repetitive.

The NSA Party!

By far the most secure party on this list.  Nothing will be stolen from anyone at this party, because all attendees and conversations will be recorded (on video and audio), and fully transcribed.  This information may or may not be “hacked”, making it available for everyone with an internet connection, several days post party completion.

The Anonymous Party

Everyone wears guy fawkes masks, making everyone anonymous and unrecognizable. The event will begin with a political campaign to extradite Bradley Manning, but people will likely get bored quickly, turning the event instead into a prank calling exposition.  Illegal activity will be encouraged.  Then the police will arrive and it may or may not be discovered that the party organizers were actually FBI informants.  Sign up would be done publicly on Facebook, for convenience.

The Philanthropist Party

Here we publicly pledge to give away most of our money to charity, on the one condition that we become billionaires first.  

The Silicon Valley Job Creation Party

At this party, we’ll hire a well payed programmer to make a machine to serve us drinks.  A minority of the profits from ticket sales will altruistically go to an immigration bill targeting Indian programmers with hydraulics experience.

The Fox News Party

This will actually just be a fun party, just to throw people off.

The Party Venture to Save the World!

The party managers create a brand new type of charity event that is incredibly effective.  The party becomes a surprising success, and within only 2 hours, sees the pledges of tens of thousands of dollars to Greenpeace. At a randomized time, a public company “purchases” the venture for branding purposes and the party abruptly ends, offering everyone 36 seconds to exit. 

The Social Entrepreneur Party

At this party no one is permitted to talk about social ventures, but instead to discuss how important it is to have parties that promote social ventures.

The 1% Party

This is pretty much already a typical Bay Area party.

The 99% Party

Essentially the same group of people from the 1% party, but here complaining about not being invited to the the 0.01% party (which is much fancier).

The Instagram Party

Picture taking is encouraged, especially through cell phones.  Attendees win prizes like “most popular” in online badge form.  Managers get all photos taken at the event, and proceed to sell them all on iStockPhoto to help pay for the party.

The “Dress Like an Anti-Internet Bill Party”

No description needed, use your imagination a bit.

The Global Warming Party

The party takes place in a huge hall with blocks of ice instead of chairs and tables.  Heat will be on full, so the party will transition into a pool party, then a hot tub party.  During this time we’ll discuss the importance of issues like bank corruption and SOPA.